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COVID-19 Cleanup & Home Restoration – How They Go Together

Published by 911 Restoration Carson on March 31, 2022 in category: Home Improvement

COVID-19 cleanup companyCOVID-19 cleanup services are not like your standard sanitization service. Several key elements make this pandemic understandably difficult for most people, such as:

  • The general volatility of the virus and how quickly it transmits
  • The lifespan of the virus outside a host body
  • The virus’ resilience against ordinary disinfectants

While the vaccine has made things much more manageable, new variants mean that people are still vulnerable to the virus COVID-19 cleanup services need to be particularly thorough because of this and should become a regular part of your routine.

You need to make several considerations for residential or commercial cleaning services when you need to remove COVID-19 from your property. In this article., we will go over the special considerations in more detail to help you understand why COVID-19 cleaning is different from regular disinfection.

Special Considerations For COVID-19 Disinfection

COVID-19 disinfection requires several considerations from you, the property owner, as well as the sanitization company. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is much more resilient than your ordinary flu virus. 

It is transmittable by touch and has limited airborne capabilities, meaning that the sanitization procedure for COVID-19 will differ quite significantly compared to normal sanitization. Here are some considerations that you should keep in mind. 

Only Hire an Experienced COVID-19 Cleanup Company

In the wake of the pandemic, many entrepreneurs and simple property cleanup services started offering sanitization and COVID 19 cleanup services. Unfortunately, this meant that the market got very saturated very quickly with a number of unprofessional and inexperienced service providers. 

911 Restoration has been offering a range of sanitization services for years now – long before COVID-19. Furthermore, as a residential and commercial disaster restoration company, we have had to deal with very resilient pathogens over the years. We have therefore devised unique and efficient techniques for sanitization services. 

You should consider finding restoration and sanitization teams that have spent a considerable time serving the market and has staff trained and IICRC certified to deal with biohazard cleanup or COVID-19 removal from your property.

Using Very Specific Equipment & Chemicals 

As mentioned above, COVID-19 spreads very quickly. One of the biggest problems that led to the increased infection rates is the prolonged incubation period of the virus, i.e., up to 14 days. There may be no symptoms during this time, or the symptoms may be very mild. 

Due to this, IICRC and EPA have very specific equipment and chemical requirements that you need to keep in mind when getting your property sanitized. The COVID-19 disinfection crews should:

  • Wear proper safety gear at all times. This includes
    • Hazmat suits
    • Eye protection
    • Gas masks
  • Use chemicals listed in List N of the EPA
  • Should ensure that the disinfectant has been spread throughout the property and suspended in the air for a while (via misters or fogging machines)
  • Classify the region as a biohazard until the sanitization service has been completed
  • Test for symptoms and conduct a COVID-19 test before interacting with anyone outside the disinfected zone
  • Report it to their superior immediately via mobile communication methods and quarantine themselves in case of exposure.

Considering The Severity of Action(s) Required.

COVID-19 virus is very resilient. Unlike any other sanitization service, to ensure that the virus has been completely removed from the property, we must ensure that the right concentration of chemicals and techniques is used. For that, we need to understand the level of exposure your property faced. 

  1. Level 1: No risk of exposure – just routine disinfection
  2. Level 2: There is a slight risk of exposure to your property
  3. Level 3: People on-premise have contracted COVID
  4. Level 4: Hospital or designated COVID recovery area

Naturally, higher levels mean that the more concentrated our chemicals should be because of the increased prevalence of the virus. With each new variant, the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading faster, but thankfully, it is getting less deadlier as well. It is important that you explain to the sanitization service provider the situation in its entirety.

If an occupant tested positive for COVID, even if they visited just one room of your property, it is safe to assume that there will be traces of the virus throughout the property. This is because the virus can be transported through your pets, strong winds, or even your shoes.

How 911 Restoration Of Carson City Helps

Our disaster restoration crew for 911 Restoration of Carson City are IICRC-certified and have the necessary knowledge and expertise required to ensure optimal safety for your home or business. We make a point of constantly staying up to date with CDC and EPA protocols concerning new developments about COVID-19 and other pathogens that you may be at risk of.

For reliable COVID-19 disinfection services, contact 911 Restoration of Carson City today. Give us a call or write to us, and let us help you stay safe and healthy!

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